IDEs QBasic includes a simple text editor - with emphasis on simple.
Since it also acts as the interpreter, you can't get around using the QBasic editor. One convenient thing is that when you edit a program within the QBasic editor, the change is right there ready for the "Run" command. If you use an external editor you have save the changes and reload them into the QBasic editor before the program can be run.
My own suggestion is that you use the built-in editor only for short programs, perhaps 50 lines or less. Or, use the editor for making minor changes to an existing program.

QBASIC integrated development environment are compatible with many known operating systems.
it can run on all versions of DOS, windows, Linux and even Android.

to run QBASIC, you need an IDE/emulators.

for Windows, consider installing An emulator called DOSBOX then try running quickBASIC On it.
or you can download Qb64.
for Android devices, you need an emulator called gdosbox or aFreebox.

try downloading from playstore.

if u have troubles running the program on your Android pm me